Summer camp opportunities

your teen is now a super hero!

From Clark Kent to Superman in 5 days! Follower to Leader, Leader to Super Hero!

Give your teen the gift of flight!
Or... at least the tools to excel to new heights!


How about attending a virtual summer camp that teaches teens the essential skills and develops their best attributes for becoming effective leaders? 

This year we decided to turn our teen leadership program into an immersive, virtual summer camp! Don't let the lack of opportunities or changed plans limit your teen this summer. Instead, provide them with a week-long virtual experience that will help them realize their true leadership potential. After all, well-developed leadership skills help propel teens in academics, work, social interactions, entrepreneurship, prepping for college – the list goes on!

Dr Barb Hughson

Dr. Barb has been a leadership trainer, coach, educator, therapist and mediator for over 30 years. She brings her love and passion for kids and especially teens to these virtual camps. Her hope is to empower teens to see their greatness within and lead using their superpowers! 

Laura Majcin is an innovative, award-winning educator and faculty/staff development director who spent more than a decade teaching and coaching at the junior high school through college level. She is passionate about developing programs that inspire creativity and encourage connections to the real world. Laura is excited to help kids of all age, social, and academic levels realize that they are the only ones that can limit their own success. Reach for the stars!

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