Leadership launch live!

What if there was a program that would turn your child into a leader among their peers?

The leadership launch live program helps your child gain leverage in the classroom, on the field, on college applications, everywhere leadership skills are noticed. 

this fall provide your teen the opportunity to develop essential skills that aren't typically taught in school!

Learning and practicing leadership will quickly pay off!

Watch them gain confidence
Sense their increased motivation.
Notice their newly discovered mindfulness
Listen to their excitement for embracing challenges
Provide them the opportunity to gain leverage above their peers in the classroom, on the field, on college applications, in the community - everywhere where leadership skills are necessary and noticed?


Leadership Launch Live (LLL) setting teens in motion toward becoming great leaders! is a series of 3-week long modules geared toward specific leadership skills and values. 

Module 1: Cool, Creative Communication (CCC)

Effective communication is so critical in all areas of life! 

See your teen transform into  

a more focused and engaged listener
a clear and confident speaker
an informed, thoughtful decision maker!!

Why enroll now in leadership launch LIVE?

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Is your child starting the school year remotely? Are they doing academic work from home? Why not offer them something that will helps with their social development during this time of relative isolation?
They need to interact with others! This is a great time for them to practice skills LIVE with leadership coaches and other kids from around the country. 
There's no better time than the present to give teens the opportunity to learn and practice values and skills that make great leaders - and make great people. 


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